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Researchers may have finally figured out the mechanism of the tragic birth defects caused by thalidomide, the drug taken by pregnant women in the late 1950s as a remedy for nausea: It is thought to have inhibited development of new blood vessels at a crucial stage in the pregnancy.

Women usually took the drug at about five to nine weeks into their pregnancy to combat morning sickness, a specific window that lead researcher Neil Vargesson says “is crucial as that is when the limbs of babies are still forming….

The blood vessels involved in this process, at this stage of pregnancy, are still at an immature stage when they rapidly change and expand to accommodate the outgrowing limb” [the compound has to be metabolically activated in the liver, where it is broken down into potentially more than 100 different compounds.

De Ayllón and many of the colonists died shortly afterwards of an epidemic and the colony was abandoned.

But the research team found a way to isolate the drug’s metabolites and identified one compound, CPS49, that causes severe limb defects and blocks growth of new blood vessels.

When CPS49 was given to chicks (chosen because chickens are one of few lab animals in which thalidomide causes birth defects) at a stage of development corresponding to that at which thalidomide was often used in pregnant women, the compound selectively affected limb development, leaving the rest of the embryo untouched.

All the colony's slaves, however, were freed upon its surrender to the British.

Massachusetts was the first British colony to legally recognize slavery in 1641.

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This is because at that time blood vessels in the body of the embryo are relatively mature, says Vargesson, whereas vessels in the limbs are just beginning to form .

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