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Finally, three variables represent possible constraints to activity performance.was a dichotomous variable indicating persons who worked for pay at baseline.This study evaluated how levels of social participation change as a result of late-life widowhood.Social participation is a multidimensional construct incorporating both formal (e.g., meeting attendance, religious participation, and volunteer obligations) and informal (e.g., telephone contact and social interactions with friends) social roles.To date, bereavement studies have focused primarily on the emotional and psychological responses to widowhood (see Stroebe, Hansson, Stroebe, and Schut 2001), the behavioral adjustments associated with late-life bereavement may be one of the most difficult challenges an elderly person faces.

Using ordinary least squares (OLS) regression techniques, we compared widowed persons with controls to estimate formal and informal social participation levels 6 months postwidowhood.One personality measure was included in the analysis.(α = .53) was a standardized scale representing how emotionally connected, socially active, and outgoing the respondent was.Although the aging process may present an individual with changing normative expectations or possible disruptions in the availability of social roles, older adults will attempt to preserve continuity of attitudes, dispositions, preferences, and behaviors throughout their life course.Thus, prior behaviors and attitudes are often the single most significant predictors of present or future behaviors.

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Alternatively, social relationships may become strained if widow(er)s feel like a "fifth wheel" among married friends, thereby decreasing the bereaved persons' level of social engagement.

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